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360 Tech Industry – Industry 4.0/5.0 Trade Fair: Robotics, Automation, Composites, Molds, Subcontracting and Industrial Maintenance

360 Tech Industry – Industry 4.0/5.0 Trade Fair: Robotics, Automation, Composites, Molds, Subcontracting and Industrial Maintenance emerges as an innovative event that invites all professionals in the industrial sector experience the necessary changes to monetize their business and the latest innovations in industrial innovation. The perfect association between the different areas of 4.0 industry. Focusing on Industry 5.0, as the new paradigm for the sector’s digital transformation, it will complement Industry 4.0 by aiming to humanize the use of artificial intelligence (AI).

On may 22nd and 23rd, 2024, embark on this 4.0/5.0 revolution and discover the best solutions for your business.

For professionals only.
Children under 14 are not allowed.


Industry 4.0/5.0 | Connected Factories

The digital revolution is a reality that the industry faces. This new impetus of digital transformation, through new technologies, potentiates the development of new processes, materials, and their autonomy. The connection to IoT, enables a harmony between production, logistics, quality assurance and cost reduction efficiency.

The Industrial revolution is completely modifying the production chain of a company. The use of robots in standardized, mechanical tasks, with little margin of error, is increasingly optimizing the processes of an organization. The reduction of time, costs and safety at work are advantages for the sector.

Automation allows repetitive tasks to be performed with as little human assistance as possible. The sectors where automation is most often used are the manufacturing, robotics, automotive, and technology sectors, and it is present in software systems for business decisions and IT.


The continuous search for new materials, efficiency, and profitability, is something that several companies count on, not only to improve the productivity of the company and the competitiveness thereof, but also to contribute to the environmental awareness in which we live in.


A sector with a strong export volume and great international recognition, which is constantly investing in innovation, adaptation to the needs presented by the market, specialized labor, and state-of-the-art technology.

With a high offer of benefits to the industry, it is a quick and viable solution to fill production process areas in some companies. Since the subcontracted companies are specialized in a certain area or sector, they offer high productivity guarantees.

Industrial Maintenance

Operational, technical, and administrative practices that contribute to improving working conditions, are fundamental for companies to ensure worker safety, productivity, and quality of life at work.

Other sectors

  • 3D Printing
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Automotive engineering
  • Energy Engineering
  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Agrifood Engineering


  • Entrepreneurs
  • Engineers
  • Researchers
  • Consultants
  • Designers
  • Managers and leaders with competencies at the process level of the company’s production
  • Technical frameworks
  • Directors of production, purchasing, provisioning, commercial and quality

The entrance is forbidden for people aged less than 14 years old.

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